Ramifications [2015]



At the School Vilhelmsro in Fredensborg, Sjælland, I made public art project together with composer Niels Rønsholdt. The main idea is to give whole building – both inside and outside – a breath. Inside the building in five different hallways, soundscape are building up like an abstraction of an enormous inhale for 13 minutes followed by two minutes of silence – as the exhalation takes place outside. A bronce sculpture of a stylized bronchus, blows out water mist and light – and depended on the weather, the temperature influences the color of the light and the wind affects the mist. it will never appear the same way. The project wishes to emphasise the meeting between culture and nature which is the case among the young students (5-9. grade). They are challenged by developing them selves as individuals and as members of a society. For more information please visit: http://forgreninger-fredensborg.blogspot.dk

Ramifications is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.


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