The Greenhouse [2017]

Signe Klejs and KKArt presents The Greenhouse – a cyclic installation consisting of light, sound and speech, video, a greenhouse and other objects; about the cultivated and the wild.

Inside the greenhouse grows only what you want to grow, outside is dominated by the wildernes, and a thin layer of glass is the only barrier between the two contrasts.

The Greenhouse is an art installation that changes over time. During a compressed day (12 minutes) performs the installation for and with the visitors. An encounter between the cultivated, and that which grows wild and untamed. The focal point is a greenhouse, a sharp distinction between two realities; inside and outside and how these two different worlds are perceived.

Interview (in Danish)



The Greenhouse is realised with support from The Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus Kommune during a residency at Åbne Scene Godsbanen.


About Signe Klejs

Digital media artist, living in Aarhus, Denmark
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