Suspension [2019]

“Suspension focuses on the skin as a bodily and cultural phenomena and examines our relationship with the quivering, temperate skin that responds to the environment. In addition, Suspension will from a cultural viewpoint examine the skin’s elasticity, by stressing its stretching ability. In our modern world we must show flexibility, readiness for change, we must keep pace, otherwise we fall through, lose the grip, and hit bottom. When the skin’s suspension reach the rupture point everything changes: order becomes chaos, the beauty awkward.”

Suspension is commissioned by The Click-festival 2019 and is supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Kulturudviklingspuljen – Aarhus Kommune, Aabne Scene, Godsbanen, Click-festival and

Special thanks to Mads Wahlberg, Alexandra Reichart and Lars Høygaard.

Suspension is produced in context of KKArt

About Signe Klejs

Digital media artist, living in Aarhus, Denmark
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