Signe Klejs (b. 1974)
Visual artist

Signe Klejs holds a master in Design with Digital Media from Design School Kolding and Universität der Künste Berlin where she studied Experimental Media Art. Her focus is to create, unfold and improve the potential in digital art in a way she defines as Relational encounters – body, space and technology. She works unhindered across genres, her work relates to stage art, visual arts, site specific art, installations and transmedia projects. Signe has a hands-on approach as she is programming and building technological and physical constructions herself. Her content is often anchored in society changes, bodily ideas and cultural issues.

Klejs’ work is exhibited throughout Scandinavia, in Europe, in USA and in China.

During European Cultural Capital in Aarhus/DK in 2017 Klejs did a spectacular light piece on the Ring bridge in the city; Hesitation of Light.

Besides her artistic practice Klejs is teaching and is in the board of the Danish artists’ union DBF, Aarhus Sinfonietta and Teater Fluks.

Klejs has received working grants from the Danish Art Councill in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Title list

– Solo exhibition at Gallery Image, Aarhus
Suspension – installation presented in May at Click-festival, Elsinor
Zeitgeist – permanent light installation at The Womens Museum’s facade, Aarhus.
Waiting for a brighter future – site-specific videoinstallation.

– a concert-installation in collaboration with composer Line Tjørnhøj
I AM YOUR IMAGE – an artistic experiement about the complexity of living in more levels simultaneously. In collaboration with Mark Coniglio.

THE GREENHOUSE – a cyclic installation about the cultivated and the wildernes.
THE 4TH MORNING – a staged work for video and performers. In collaboration with Jon R. Skulberg.
HESITATION OF LIGHT illumination af Cityring Bridge in Aarhus as a part of European Capital of Culture 2017. Opened 12. january 2017

BREATHLESS MOMENT – an opera for smartphones and tablets. In collaboration with composer Niels Rønsholdt. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Part of the international immersive performance LOOKING FOR COURAGE, (visual art, video and stage design)
Permanent installation for Godsbanen, Aarhus THE MIRAGE (artist and lightning design)
Restaging A DOLLHOUSE by Ibsen as opera (Video set design)
Idea and sculpturing RAMIFICATIONS by Klejs & Rønsholdt (sculpture)

Idea and sculpturing RAMIFICATIONS by Klejs & Rønsholdt (sculpture)
Idea and implementation of UDSYNGNING (3 music films)
Staging and producing H.OPERA8700 (site-specific public space opera)
Visual ideas LOOKING FOR COURAGE (a european/chinese opera)
Video set-design for A DOLLHOUSE as opera (Video set design),
Idea and visual design for BREATHLESS MOMENT by Klejs & Rønsholdt (App Opera).

Idea, producing and implementing AROUSED! (interaktiv video installation)
HOME by Klejs & Rønsholdt (audio-visuel installation)
RACER by Klejs & Rønsholdt (4D installation)
Idea and producer RESPIT (interactive video installation)
Visual art for YouROland (a requiem)
Idea and implementing ANATOMIA (Site-specific event)
Idea and visual design for BREATHLESS MOMENT PILOT by Klejs & Rønsholdt (App Opera Pilot)
Idea, sculpture and visual design for GROW 2. PART together with choreographer Helle Bach (Site specific public space performance installation)

GROW 1. PART together with choreographer Helle Bach (Site specific public space performance installation)
Contributed with interactive installation for CHAMELEON SPACE (Group exhibition)
Music video RED ROOM (with english soprano and cellist Zoe Martlew)
Music film for HABOUR (concert with Hannah Schneider, Kristina Holgersen and Heidi Mortenson)
Idea and visual work for SKIN by Klejs & Rønsholdt (interactive installation)

Idea and visual design for GENFÆRD together with choreographer Lisbeth Sonne (Site specific interactive installations in public space)
Digital performance for TRIO MEDIÆVAL (concerts in Oslo and Berlin)
Digitalt concert format for STÆVNESAT together with ensemble Lydenskab (visual concert)
Nominated to CITY ARTIST in Horsens i 2012
Designing tools and visual concepts for PORTRAIT together with composer Line Tjørnhøj (workshop performances with young people)

2008 – 2010
Visuel Performance DR. GOD (Nordic Music Days)
Idea and visual design to SNIP SNAP SNUDE (dance performance)
Artist and performer PURE LOVE together with Anne Dyhr (art installation and performance)
Buildings and visual design for ASYL! together with lydenskab (concert)
Artist KIROMANIA (digital sculpture )
Digital and interactive set-design for INSIDE OUT – OUTSIDE IN (dance performance)
Idea and visual work for HONEYMOON by Klejs & Rønsholdt (interactive opera installation)
Art Director at MOONPAIN.NU (Experiencedesign on www about composer Klaus Ib Jørgensen)
Interactive art for FACADE together with Helle Bach (dance installation)
Workshop facilitator at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, NY with the project REALstAGE
Digital and generativ visuals for TRIO MEDIÆVAL Skt. Johs Church, Bergen
Idea and digital art for ROOM OF RELATION by Klejs & Rønsholdt (interactive opera installation)