13. September – 3. november 2019
Solo exhibition Blown away at Galleri Image, Aarhus

18 + 19 May 2019
Exhibiting Suspension at Click! Festival, Helsingør

April 2019
Residency at Aabne Scene, Aarhus.

1. march 2019 
Releasing Zeitgeist permanent installation at the facade of The Women’s Museum in Aarhus

6. march 2019 
Exhibiting Waiting for a brighter future af SOSU Østjylland.

15. september 2018
Presenting EntmenschT first performance at Aabne Scene, Godsbanen – a collaboration with composer Line Tjørnhøj. Performed by Theatre of Voices.

Autumn 2018
Residency at Schmiede, Austria

13. january 2018
Presenting I am Your Image at Godsbanen – showing work in progress with Mark Coniglio.

28. november 2017
The Greenhouse – a solo exhibition at Aabne Scene, Godsbanen. An installation about the cultivated and the wild.

16. september 2017
Concept and staging af the FRONTIERS OF THE METAVERSE a narrative framing to the AWOW – Aarhus walks on water a fashion show with wearables. The show is taking place by Dokk1, Aarhus.

31. Januar 2017
World premiere at Bora-Bora, Aarhus – of The Morning – a choreographed work about creation and re-creation – in collaboration with Jon Skulberg.

21. Januar 2017
Lightning the Ringgadebro constitutes a city gate to European Capital of Culture 2017 in Aarhus. The lightdesign is different every day – because it gets its color range from the sunset the same day.

Autumn 2016
Artist in residence at Lake Studios, Berlin – collaboration with Mark Coniglio

Autumn 2016
Releasing the AppOpera Breathless Moment – together with Composer Niels Rønsholdt.

7. April
Artist talk at Salon 67, Aarhus.

1. October 2015
Looking for Courage in Shanghai.

26. August 2015
Looking for Courage first performance at Tietgenskollegiet! Read more here:

June 2015
Permanent piece The Mirage at main entrance at Godsbanen. Made together with designer Caroline Jessen.

9. May 2015
– Re-premiere with The Doll’s House at Republique, Cph. Opera by John Frandsen.

23. April 2015
– Consecrating the sculpture Ramification in Fredensborg: Together with Niels Rønsholdt

March 2015
– Workshop in Cph with the Looking for Courage – danish/english/chinese team. Preparing the show for autumn 2015.

November 2014
• Visual staging for “Et Dukkehjem” as an opera by John Frandsen at Republique, Odense theatre and Esbjerg music theatre

June 2014
• Klejs&Rønsholdt are going to Bejing to develop new opera project Looking for courage together with Louise Beck, Feng Jiangzhou and Lin Zhang

May 2014
• Everyday Opera. Public space opera in Horsens together with Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Andreas Busk, Andrea Pellegrini, GelderaK and Lydenskab.

April 2014
• Preparing HOME for Click! festival in May

Marts 2014
• Visual concept for Aarhundredets Festival opening party at Godsbanen together with wemakespace architects.
• Releasing “Udsyngning”

February 2014
• First Show “Udsyngning” – a music video project together with Kristina Holgersen. Read more:

January 2014
• New member of the Aarhus Art Council 2014 – 2017
• Starting up participatory project: Secret Diary

• 26/11: Artist Talk at Godsbanen, Aabne Scene kl 14 – 16 about Aroused!
• 23/11. Aroused! – an immersive installation with stereo video and stop motion. First show at Åbne Scene, Godsbanen.
• 15/11: Klejs & Rønsholdt presents Breathless Moment on CPH:DOX’s conference Do it together

• Starting up a big sculptural project together with Niels Rønsholdt.

June 2013
• Klejs & Rønsholdt are Artists in residence at 3LD in N.Y.

May 2013
• 24. – 26. Exhibiting GROW at Charlotte Fogh Gallery during Art Weekend 2013

• 7. – 12. participating, workshopping and exhibiting at Click!festival in Helsingør. Klejs & Rønsholdt are presenting the techno-installation version of Racer

• 3. & 4. from 19 – 24 RESPIT during The SPOT festival at Godsbanen. An interactive video installation about TIME. Poet Hanne Viemose is invited to write live.

• 1/5: Premiere in Copenhagen, 3/5: Opening concert at SPOT, Aarhus, 4/5: Horsens
Visual design to the Requiem concert by YouROland by composer Christoffer Møller and soprano Andrea Pellegrini. Played by Lydenskab.

April 2013
• 13 & 14/4: Participating in DR’s Musikalske Fortællinger together with composer Line Tjørnhøj and anthropologist Birgitte Stampe

March 2013
• 28/2 – 2/3: Workshop at Helsingør Kulturværft with composer Niels Rønsholdt and programmer Mark Coniglio

February 2013
• 19/2 – 21/2: ANATOMIA – a digital performance in public space Horsens.
• 3/2 kl. 19:30 Love performance at Badeanstalten Spanien

January 2013
• 29/1 – 8/2: Showing 3. part of GROW – three large scale projections in public space Horsens
• 18/1: Presentation of the AppOpera Breathless Moment (Pilot) at Royal Opera House, London

December 2012
 Exhibition GROW at Horsens Kunstmuseum

November 2012
Exhibition GROW in the cube in pedestrian street, Horsens. 1. part of a big city project in collarboration with Helle Bach

October 2012
• 26 – 28/10: The Klejs & Rønsholdt 3D opera installation Honeymoon at TRANSIT in Belgien
 22/10: Participating at the exhibition Kamæleon at Godsbanen, Aarhus during Junge Hunde festival with the installation Astral Child
11/10: Klejs & Rønsholdt’s Racer at Nordic Music Days in Stockholm

September 2012
• 3/9: Audio/visual piece for Aarhus Festuge in coorporation with Kristina HolgersenHannah Schneider og Heidi Mortenson at Øst for Paradis

August 2012
• Release of the music video I made together with performer Zoë Martlew Red Room

June 2012
• 8 + 9/6: Exhibision Portrait at Big Wheel in Vordingborg

May 2012
• 31/5-3/6: Exhibision of Portrait at Platform4 in Aalborg
• 19/5: Workshop and exhibision in Lithuania with the project Portrait.
• 3/5: SKIN New installation at the Helsingor Click!-festival. In collarboration with Niels Rønsholdt, Edition-S and 3LD, NY.

April 2012
• Preparing SKIN – an interactive 3D sculpture.
• Working on Portrait – a documentry film for the project Portrait – with Line Tjørnhøj

March 2012
• 10/3: Digital tapestry at the Masqurade at Aarhundredets festival in Aarhus
• 10/3: “Rejsen” digital artwork in concert. The concert took place in Horsens – in a bus on the “gågade” with Lydenskab

Feburary 2012
• 26/2: Digital artwork for the ASYL!-Concert – at Musikhuset Aarhus

January – may 2012
• Teachingmy fabulous TONESPACE-students at the Academy of Music in digital media art